Young Adults

Life after high school is often challenging for young adults who present with ADHD, Asperger’s, learning differences or higher-verbal autism spectrum diagnoses as their social and emotional maturity, executive function skills and age-expected independence may be lagging behind their chronological age.  

In order for a young adult to find academic, social and career success they must have the skills to advocate for themselves, be fully independent and manage to prioritize their various responsibilities.  Additionally, they must be able to independently manage their “screen time” (video games/internet) which can be extremely challenging for this population.

Often with young adults our work begins with family sessions as many young adults, in particular those diagnosed with Asperger’s and higher-verbal ASD are highly over-dependent on their parents in a multitude of ways.   Other young adults may start with individual sessions to address both social and executive functioning skill deficits. 

Center for ADHD has worked with college students throughout the Philadelphia area and Southern New Jersey including students from Drexel University, Rowan University, Montgomery County Community College and Eastern University. 

Please feel free to contact us, or better yet have your young adult contact us so we can discuss how we can help them reach their full potential.