Who We Work With & What We Do

We work with individuals ages 7-22 (and their parents) who present with ADHD, learning differences, Asperger’s and related challenges.  Please note that while we do work with girls our social skills programs/social anxiety treatment is for boys. Our offices are in Bryn Mawr, PA and Linwood, NJ.

Center for ADHD represents the portion of our practice that covers our treatment for ADHD, social skills programstreatment for Asperger’s, executive function treatment and social anxiety treatment specific to ADHD or Asperger’s.

Ride the Wave Counseling represents our male-specific individual therapy, social anxiety treatment and counseling groups for boys. No diagnosis is needed to participate in Ride the Wave Counseling services.

The kids and young adults we work with have many strengths, great qualities, and tremendous potential. They also have specific needs that are not effectively addressed by traditional therapy, typical social skills groups, executive function coaching and require the specialized, skill-building approach we provide.  

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