Elementary School Social Skills Groups

 Lego® Social Thinking® Groups
Grades 1-5

During elementary school social competency improves not from sitting around a table talking about social skills but from improving unstructured, reciprocal play skills. Our Lego Social Thinking groups are designed to build these skills which are the foundation for learning how to work as part of a group in school, and engage successfully with similar-age peers.  We work on both social and executive functioning skills through collaborative play using Legos.   Ryan Wexelblatt, Center Director has obtained more training in using the Social Thinking methodology than any social skills provider in the area.  He has earn a Social Thinking Clinical Training Level 1 Certificate of Completion

Topics covered in Lego Social Thinking groups include:

  • Thinking about other’s thoughts and feelings and understanding how your words/actions impact their thoughts about you. 
  • Understanding how to give and take directions from peers
  • Learning how to navigate unstructured and semi-structured play
  • Understanding how similar-age boys communicate socially with each other
  • Developing cognitive flexibility in order to successfully be part of a group
  • Sharing an imagination in order to engage in cooperative play 
  • Developing resiliency to get through the “boring moments” (non-preferred tasks)
  • Groups consist of 2-3 students total and are formed based on social learning needs. An intake assessment is required for all students new to Center for ADHD.   

Lego Social Thinking groups are held weekday nights in Bryn Mawr and are ongoing throughout the school year.  Groups run for 6 sessions. Each session includes parent time at the end.  The fee is $420 for 6 sessions plus the initial intake appointment which includes a review of testing reports, etc.  in advance.

Please contact us for enrollment information.

Learn more about Social Thinking by visiting their website.