Social Anxiety Treatment



Does your son?
-Avoid social interactions with similar-age peers
-Gravitate towards adults or younger children in social situations

-Prefer interacting through video games/internet to spending time with peers in real life
-Have difficulty “reading a room”
-Have friends in school but never sees them outside of school
-Not appear to have benefited from social skills groups in the past

Social anxiety is very common and often goes unrecognized in boys.  It does not go away with maturity.

Additionally, social anxiety is frequently mistaken for difficulty with social skills in boys diagnosed with ADHD,  learning differences or social anxiety.  Social anxiety must always be addressed first before addressing social skills. 

Center for ADHD offers social anxiety treatment for boys.  When possible, we group boys who share similar profiles together in groups of 2-3.  Using a cognitive behavioral approach we specific skills and strategies to manage social anxiety.   

Boys who do not have an ADHD/LD/Asperger’s diagnosis would benefit from our social anxiety groups offered through Ride the Wave Counseling.

Help your son learn to manage his social anxiety, connect with his peers and find social success.

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