School-Based Services

Many schools have seen a significant increase in their enrollment of students diagnosed with ADHD, Asperger’s syndrome, high-functioning autism, and learning differences.   While ADHD , Asperger’s, higher-verbal autism and learning differences are common, very few faculty have any formal training in supporting students with these profiles.   Many schools find that providing their staff with practical training and education provides greater results than simply relying on input from the student’s outside support providers.  

As a Certified School Social Worker who has spent many years working in schools Ryan Wexelblatt, Center Director has a deep understanding of what schools need to empower their staff to support students with mild neurodevelopmental challenges. Additionally, Ryan can work with students in small group or individually to provide Social Thinking groups and executive function coaching.   As one of the only providers in the Philadelphia area who has completed the Social Thinking Clinical Training Level 1 Ryan provides a depth of instruction typically not found in social skills providers.   

School-based services are provided in school’s throughout the Philadelphia area and Atlantic County, New Jersey.


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