Ready for Middle School

Middle School can be a particularly difficult adjustment for all boys but particularly for boys diagnosed with ADHD or learning differences.   The increased social maturity expectations, executive functioning demands, navigating new peers, teachers and dealing with puberty simultaneously can be particularly challenging.   It should come as  no surprise that the largest group we serve at Center for ADHD is boys in middle school. 

Ready for Middle School is our newest program, designed to help boys diagnosed with or without ADHD/ learning disabilities prepare for the transition to middle school. A parents-only session is included in the program in order to empower parents with the knowledge they need to help their son make a succesful transition to middle school.   

This fun, highly interactive program covers the following topics:

  • Strategies to handle anxiety about being in a new school/new building 
  • Making new friends and being yourself when you feel uncomfortable
  • Understanding the puberty timeline
  • Social expectations around topics pertaining to hygiene/puberty
  • Expected behaviors around YouTube/Social Media
  • Executive functioning strategies to help keep backpack light and not carry around unnecessary materials or loose papers.