Middle School Program

Center for ADHD is known in the Philadelphia area for our success in working with middle school students.  Our success comes from our many years of experience working with middle school students both in school and outside of school.   

Early adolescence can be a difficult transition for students diagnosed with mild neurodevelopmental challenges.  During these years there is often a discrepancy between a student’s physical maturity and their social/emotional maturity.

As social expectations increase during middle school it is common for boys who present with social anxiety or social learning challenges (ADHD, Asperger’s, higher-functioning autism) to become socially isolated, even if they had a peer group in elementary school. Early adolescence is a period of tremendous growth and should be utilized as a time to help adolescents build skills that may be underdeveloped.  

Additionally, executive functioning challenges can become more pronounced in middle school as a result of the increased academic demands. 

Our middle school program consists of:

Any student who attends our middle school program begins with Social Thinking group or individual sessions which always include parent participation.  Additionally, most students participate in our various social skills programs offered throughout the year.

Please note that Center for ADHD does not offer traditional “social skills groups”.  The work we are doing requires a solid foundation in Social Thinking® concepts which many students have not yet learned, regardless if they have attended social skills groups in the past. 

In the summer we provide a unique, active learning experience in our Summer Travel Camp for boys ages 12-15 who need help developing their social skills, self-regulation, executive functioning and age-expected independence. 

Please contact us to discuss if our middle school program could benefit your family.