How to Hang Out Program

How to Hang Out is our social learning program designed to help boys diagnosed with ADHD or learning differences generalize social executive functioning skills across real-life settings.  
The program combines the Social Thinking® methodology with executive function skill building instruction and “hanging out time” order to help boys generalize the skills needed to initiate and sustain friendships and most importantly learn how to successfully spend time with similar-age boys in semi-structured and unstructured social situations.   

Please note: Boys who primarily struggle with social anxiety would best be served by our social anxiety groups prior to starting How to Hang Out.  If you are unsure if your son struggles with social anxiety please contact us to set up an appointment.

Topics covered in How to Hang Out include:

  • Understanding other’s thoughts/feelings/intentions and understanding how you come across to other boys
  • Improving situational intelligence (reading a room)
  • How to age-appropriately show an interest in other boys so they know you want to be friends
  • Using your language to relate to other’s experiences
  • Unlearning social skills that are not natural to the way boys socially communicate with each other

Please contact us if you would like your son to join How to Hang Out, space in the program is limited each session and each session does fill up, early registration is highly recommended.