How to Hang Out (Ages 11-14) - Center for ADHD

Our recreational, social learning program for guys in middle school and 5th grade.

Dates: October 14, 21 and November 4, 18

Time: 3:00-5:00

Tuition: $170 plus spending money

How to Hang Out is our popular 4-week, recreational social learning program designed to help boys in 5th grade and middle school generalize skills across real-life settings.  

Weekly trips out into the community supplement instruction in social executive functioning skills. Regular trips include: bowling, going out for pizza, mini-golf, and short hikes.

Many boys who struggle socially have not experienced the enjoyment of being part of a peer group or bonding through shared experiences, without the use of video games or screen-based activities.

This four-session, continual program designed for boys combines the Social Thinking® methodology with executive function skill building instruction and recreational activities or trips in order to help boys generalize the skills needed to initiate and sustain friendships and most importantly learn how to enjoy being around other guys.  

Topics covered include:

  • • Understanding other’s thoughts, feelings, and intentions
    • Understanding how you come across to other boys
    • How to show other boys that you want to be friends
    • Managing social anxiety around similar-age peers
    • Making plans
    • Developing situational intelligence (reading a room)
  • Communicating naturally with same-age peers (AKA not sounding like you walked out of a social skills group)

Please note that Center for ADHD does not offer traditional “social skills groups”. The work we are doing requires a solid foundation in Social Thinking® concepts which many students have not yet learned, regardless if they have attended social skills groups in the past.  

*A local social service organization is using the How to Hang Out name and program description on their website.  Center for ADHD has not provided the How to Hang Out curriculum to any organizations.