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Social Skills Programs-A supplement to our Social Thinking Groups, Individual Social Thinking Instruction and Therapy

For many boys social skills don’t come naturally. Some have trouble recognizing social cues, while others initially make friends but struggle to keep them. Many more want friendships but anxiety stands in the way of success in social situations.

Social competency is not only about forming friendships. It’s a skill required to be successful when working as part of a group in school or even down the road in a profession. While many boys and young men turn to video games and computers as a replacement for friendships, most want nothing more than to feel a connection and a sense of belonging with other guys.

As guys and social educators, we get it. We routinely work with boys and young men (ages 7 and up) who could easily blend into a crowd of peers but struggle socially. We understand how to help them foster friendships with other guys. We come at it from the male perspective—not by talking about socializing but through experiences.

Our Approach
At Center for ADHD, the majority of our programs are based on the Social Thinking® methodology. Pioneered by world renowned expert Michelle Garcia Winner, Social Thinking builds the fundamental skills that we all need to function socially, such as perspective-taking, reading nonverbal cues and learning how to be cognitively flexible.

Ours is not a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach. As one of the only social skills providers in the Philadelphia to receive a Social Thinking® Clinical Training Level 1 Certificate, founder Ryan Wexelblatt, along with his team of social educators, apply the framework to many different programs.  While we work with students with various diagnoses, we design curricula that address the needs before the label.

What We Do 
In our social skills programs, we learn through doing while keeping it fun. We play games, watch videos, and go into the community for activities, such as bowling, mini-golf, and pizza. We teach guys how to spend time with other guys in real life, without screen-based activities. We find that guys can generalize these skills most effectively when in real social settings. Our approach also teaches that everyone takes personal responsibility for cultivating and sustaining friends.  

Skills we cover include

–    Understanding how you come across to others
–    Learning how to show an interest in others
–    Developing situational awareness (reading a room)
–    Learning how to ‘go with the flow’ for the sake of others
–    Managing social anxiety 
–    Moving friendships beyond “lunch table friends”  to outside of school friends

Our Current Programs
All students who attend our How to Hang Out™ or How to do Recess™ programs are currently or have participated in our Social Thinking Groups, Individual Social Skills Instruction/Therapy, Executive Function Coaching or Summer Travel Camp.

How to Hang Out and How to do Recess serves as supplements to our clinical services and are not a replacement for individual Social Thinking instruction or Social Thinking groups.    Students new to Center for ADHD may participate in Guy Stuff.     

How to Hang Out™: A social executive functioning program that teaches boys how to initiate friendships and successfully spend time with similar-age boys without the use of screen-based activities.  Separate programs for 5th grade, middle school, and high school. 

Guy Stuff is our popular puberty/hygiene education program taught from a social learning perspective. Separate programs for boys in 5th grade, middle school, and high school. A parent presentation is included in Guy Stuff and fathers (or a male role model) attend the 5th grade and middle school programs.

Summer Travel Camp: A 4 or 8-week travel program for boys ages 12-16 who need help developing their executive functioning, social and age-expected independent skills. Based in Plymouth Meeting, PA.

How to do Recess™: Our elementary school social executive functioning program to teach  boys how to successfully navigate unstructured play situations like recess and neighborhood play.  Grades 1-4.

 If you are new to Center for ADHD please contact us to set up an intake evaluation.