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Individual Sessions & Programs for Boys in High School

Boys who present with social learning challenges may find navigating social relationships increasingly difficult as they enter high school.  When boys miss out on normative social experiences during high school due to their social learning challenges or social anxiety they miss out on developing the important social executive functioning skills that are required to be successful socially while working as part of an academic group and at a job.  

Our high school program consists of:

The programs we currently offer for high school students include:

How to Hang Out

Guy Stuff

How to be Funny (starting Fall 2017)

Our multifaceted approach helps students learn strategies and develop skills that are often delayed in students diagnosed with ADHD, social anxiety, Asperger’s and Higher-verbal autism spectrum diagnoses.

Any student who attends our high school program begins with individual sessions which always include parent participation.  Additionally, most students participate in our various group programs.  

Please note that Center for ADHD does not offer traditional “social skills groups”.  The work we are doing requires a solid foundation in Social Thinking® concepts which many students have not yet learned, regardless if they have attended social skills groups in the past. 

In the summer we provide a unique, active learning experience in our Summer Travel Program for boys who need help developing their social skills, self-regulation, executive functioning and age-expected independence.  Please check back here for information about new high school summer programs. 

Please contact us to discuss if our high school program could benefit your family.



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