Guy Stuff Program

Guy Stuff is a hygiene/puberty education program taught from a social learning perspective for boys who present with ADHD or learning disabilities.  We offer separate versions of Guy Stuff for boys in 5th grade, middle school and high school.

Additionally, we offer a version of Guy Stuff designed for boys with an Asperger’s or higher-verbal autism spectrum diagnosis.    This version of Guy Stuff is very similar however it has a stronger focus on learning concrete social skills around these topics.  

Guy Stuff is a highly interactive and fun program that utilizes videos, games and group activities.   Each program includes a parents-only session.   Fathers or a male role model attend the 5th grade program and one session of the middle school program with the boys.

Age-appropriate topics taught within a social learning context include:

  • Hygiene
  • Puberty
  • Reproductive anatomy
  • Language: Understanding correct terms and slang and knowing when to use each
  • Socially appropriate behaviors at home and school
  • Peer pressure and decision making skills
  • Safe and appropriate internet usage
  • Healthy body image
  • Understanding thoughts/feelings

Participants report that they learned a great deal from the program and found that the shared experience of learning amongst a group of similar-age boys allowed them to feel comfortable asking questions and sharing concerns.

Common questions about Guy Stuff

How do I know if my son needs Guy Stuff?

The information taught in Guy Stuff is extremely relevant to all boys and their parents, particularly those who present with social learning challenges.  Guy Stuff has been presented at national conferences including the International Conference on ADHD, the Autism Society National Conference and numerous regional conferences.   

What’s the different between Guy Stuff and “sex education” class in schools?

The population of boys we work with often does not learn information from health/sexuality education classes in school as the information is not put into a relevant context for them and because it does not talk about appropriate social skills.   In our experience, the boys who have attended Guy Stuff have little accurate information about these topics. 

Guy Stuff is not about: encouraging dating, teaching about sexual acts or intercourse or teaching values (aside from being respectful of other’s differences).  

My 13 year-old son diagnosed with Asperger’s says “I’m not interested in that stuff”.  Does he need Guy Stuff?

It is extremely important that boys with an Asperger’s/higher-verbal ASD diagnosis learn the information taught in Guy Stuff. Each year we receive phone calls to work with boys and young men with an Asperger’s/ASD diagnosis who have gotten into trouble because they lacked education around these topics.  We offer the Asperger’s/ASD version of Guy Stuff when there is enough interest from families. 

Please contact us to learn more about Guy Stuff programs.