Why Families Choose Us

Every therapist we’ve tried had sat across from my son and asked him how he’s feeling week after week or tried creative ways to get him to open up. He hated going to therapy and was reluctant to come to you initially but felt comfortable as soon as he realized this wouldn’t be like his other experiences.  I appreciate that your approach is very practical.
-Mother of a 13 year old

It took me a while to realize that my daughter’s executive functioning and emotional regulation difficulties were not being adequately addressed in school or in therapy.  It’s a huge relief to have found someone who really gets how to address both. -Mother of an 8 year old

The transition to middle school has been really difficult. There’s many people on my son’s “team” between school, Behavior Specialist, Mobile Therapist, etc. but I don’t see us making progress. We need a different approach and he needs time to just be a kid. -Father of a 12 year old

We’ve spent a lot of time and money going to a social skills group that was recommended to us but I felt like what he was learning wasn’t how kids actually interact with each other.  Glad we found someone who understands how to teach how boys socialize with each other.    -Mother of a 14 year old

Families choose Center for ADHD because the services we provide are vastly different from typical therapy, social skills groups, executive function coaching or other interventions.

Families choose Center for ADHD because:

  • The work we do is a welcome change from traditional counseling/therapy which as many families have learned is often not effective for treating ADHD, Asperger’s and related challenges.  Our approach is about teaching practical skills and strategies to help improve lagging skill development in these diagnostic profiles. 
  • We are the only practice in the United States that specializes in teaching social skills to boys from a male perspective.  We teach boys/young men how to be relatable to their similar-age male peers. 
  • We are the only practice in the country that designs social skills programs specifically for boys diagnosed with ADHD or learning disabilities.  Most social skills groups are designed for individuals with autism.
  • Our Summer Trip Camp is the only camp in the United States that addresses both social and executive function skills through an active, nonacademic program.

Center for ADHD represents the portion of our services that includes treatment for ADHD, Asperger’s, social skills programs and social anxiety treatment (specific to ADHD & Asperger’s).   

Ride the Wave Counseling is the male-specific portion of our practice that serves the general population and includes therapy, social anxiety treatment and counseling groups for boys.

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