Why Families Choose Us

We’ve been going to social skills groups, therapists, etc. since my son was 5. While everyone we’ve worked with were great people nothing has seemed to stick. -Mother of an 11 year old

Middle School has been really difficult. There’s many people on my son’s “team”. He has multiple appointments every week but I don’t see us getting anywhere. We need a different approach and he needs time to just be a kid. -Father of a 12 year old

My son was diagnosed with Asperger’s at 16. We’ve received lots of advice from professionals and family members, much of it conflicting. We know the window of opportunity is running out here. We need a clear path moving forward from someone who truly specializes in this. -Mother of a 17 year old

We’ve spent a lot of time and money going to therapists who were recommended to us but the reality was that none of them actually specialized in ADHD. I wish we would have found you years ago, it would have saved us a lot of time and money -Father of a 14 year old

My son doesn’t fit the profile of kids with autism but his anxiety can mask his ADHD. I’ve always felt like there was nowhere for him to actually fit in until now. -Mother of an 8 year old.

Most families whom we work with share similar stories to these and are understandably skeptical when they initially reach out to us. Families choose to work with us because the services we provide are vastly different from typical therapy, social skills groups, ADHD coaching or other interventions.

Families choose Center for ADHD because:

  • Our approach is about teaching the individuals we work with practical skills and strategies that are specific to the profiles we work with. The work we do is outside of the scope of traditional counseling/therapy because it provides families with concrete strategies to implement and skills to reinforce.
  • We understand how to connect with boys who have had negative experiences in therapy or social skills groups in the past and make our time together productive.
  • We offer the only active summer camp program designed for boys ages 12-15 with ADHD and learning differences that teaches executive functioning, social and age-expected independent skills.
  • We provide a streamlined approach and will help you figure out which services (both in school and out of school) may be unnecessary or not a productive use of time. Our goal is to help your family have less appointments, not more.

Please contact us to learn how we can help your family.