Executive Function Coaching

Your child may be having trouble with executive functioning if he or she:

  • Has difficulty sensing the passage of time
  • Requires constant prompting and supervision to complete their morning and bedtimes routines
  • Seems to lack motivation
  • Has trouble comprehending how much time a task will take to complete
  • Has difficulty getting off of video games/computers
  • Struggles to tell a story in a narrative format (clear beginning, middle, end)
  • Leaves belongings at various places
  • Does homework but forgets to turn it in
  • Lacks an academic organizational system

Individuals diagnosed with ADHD, Asperger’s, learning differences or higher-verbal autism typically present with a 2-3 year delay in their executive functioning.  Children who have constantly been prompted by parents or teachers may have an even further gap between their chronological age and executive functioning skills.   

To the surprise of most parents,  the vast majority of schools do not teach executive functioning support strategies, rather they put supports in place that enable a student’s dependence on adults rather than teach them how to be an independent learner. 

Most executive functioning skill development strategies and curricula are not visual enough for students with ADHD and related challenges.  They often require making tedious lists, filling out worksheets, etc. which is why many students are not receptive to these approaches.  Our approach to teaching executive functioning isn’t about just telling students what to do.

We teach students as well as young adults user-friendly specific skills and strategies which include:

  • Improve situational intelligence  so they can “read a room” and develop greater awareness of their surroundings..
  • “Feel” the passage of time to estimate how long tasks will take as well as how to change or maintain their pace to finish tasks within an allotted amount of time.
  • Develop a goal-setting approach to homework, including personalized study habits such as recording, bringing home, completing and returning assignments.
  • Manage multiple activities, including homework, long-term projects and extracurricular activities, while still having time to themselves.
  • Become less prompt-dependent on parents and teachers and more independent

Executive Function Coaching is done in individual sessions with Ryan Wexelblatt, Center for ADHD Director.  Please contact us to learn more about how we can help your child develop their executive functioning and make life at home more manageable for everyone.