Elementary School Program

Our approach to work with students in grades 1-5 is different than any other provider in the Philadelphia area because we address both social and executive functioning challenges simultaneously through teaching practical strategies to students and their parents.  The skills we teach are essential for success, both academically and socially.   In our experience elementary school-age students diagnosed with ADHD, Asperger’s, learning differences or higher-verbal autism do not benefit from traditional “talk therapy”.  Parents are always included for all or part of the time during individual sessions with elementary school students.  Most importantly, we have  fun and never make our work with elementary school students feel “clinical”.  

Perhaps the most important piece of our work with elementary school students is helping parents learn how to support their child at home so their child’s skill deficits have less of an impact on family life. 

Our elementary school program consists of:

  • Individual and family sessions consisting of individual skills instruction/therapy and executive function coaching
  • Lego social skills groups
  • Our social skills programs for boys

The programs we currently offer for elementary school students include:

Lego Social Skills Groups (Grades 1-5)

How to Hang Out (5th grade)

Guy Stuff (4th and 5th grade)

How to do Recess (coming soon)

Please contact us to discuss if our elementary school program could benefit your family.