Counseling Groups for Boys

Ride the Wave Counseling is the portion of our services that serve the general population.  Our counseling groups for boys will be for those who do not need our ADHD/LD specific services. 

No diagnosis will be needed to participate in our counseling groups once they begin.  If you are interested in our social skills programs for boys who present with ADHD and learning differences please visit our social skills program page

Our groups will be a welcome change for boys who need support yet and would enjoy learning with a group of similar-age boys.  The groups will provide an opportunity to learn and share in a safe environment amongst a group of similar-age boys without being pressured.  Most importantly, they will be fun.

Please note that our counseling groups are not “social skills groups” nor are they open to  boys who struggle with oppositional behaviors, are prone to getting physical when upset or those diagnosed with Asperger’s/higher-verbal autism.

Middle and High School groups will be ongoing throughout the school year.  Elementary school groups will run for a specified number of weeks. 

Each participant will need to participate in an intake interview with their parents prior to the group starting.  Please set up an intake appointment below, we look forward to meeting your family.

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