Our Program

1. Individual Sessions (Therapy and Executive Function Coaching)  All ages

The therapy we provide focuses on learning practical strategies to improve social competency, manage social anxiety, improve emotional-regulation skills, build resiliency and develop self-confidence.  Our practical approach is why people travel from throughout the Philadelphia area and South Jersey to work with us.

Our  productive approach to individual sessions is about teaching skills and strategies  rather than simply talking about feelings or rehashing the previous week’s events.

Executive Function Coaching is designed to help improve global executive functioning skills.  Learn more about about our simple, user-friendly approach to teaching executive functioning. 

Parents are actively involved in learning with their children.  

Areas we work on during individual sessions include:

  • Improving emotional regulation skills
  • Learning Social Thinking foundational concepts and
  • Executive Function Coaching
  • Supporting parents to manage behavior at home
  • Improving cognitive flexibility
  • Developing self-advocacy skills
  • Addressing0 family dynamics and communication

2.   Lego Groups (Ages 7-11)

Our small groups consist of 2-3 similar-age peers who share similar profiles.  During small groups we work on social cognitive skill development (learning how to think in a social context and apply skills relevant to the situation).  Additionally,  we work on developing emotional regulation skills, independent problem solving, developing resiliency and self-confidence. 

Elementary school age students participate in our Lego groups which is based on building social communication skills and executive functioning through semi-structured play.  Middle and High School age students participate in Social Thinking groups.  Small groups are held weekday afternoons and evenings.

3.  Social Skills Programs for Boys Ages 9-17

Our social skills programs for boys (How to Hang Out, Guy Stuff) are typically limited to 6 participants and  are designed to address areas of skill development specific to each age group (elementary, middle and high school).   

Please contact us for a free phone consultation to discuss how we can help your family.

We incorporate the following methodologies and trainings into our work:

Ryan Wexelblatt, Center Director has completed more training in these methodologies than any clinician in the Philadelphia area and Southern New Jersey. Additionally, he is credentialed as a Licensed Social Worker in Pennsylvania and New Jersey as well as a Certified Autism Specialist™ and Certified NJ School Social Worker.

Our  elementary school Lego groups, as well as our social skills programs for boys are educational and fun.  We do not just sit in an office and talk about social skills, we are active and do things boys enjoy.  Most boys return to participate in our various programs offered throughout the year.  Additionally, we offer a Summer Travel Camp  in the summer as well as school vacation camps.

An intake assessment is required for all new families who are interested in participating in our programs.  The fee for an assessment is $120.00 which includes a 65-minute appointment as well as (in advance) review of neuropsychological records, IEP/504 plan, etc.

Feel free to contact us, we’re happy to speak about how we can help you or your child.